With lifelong stage experience, Alize has an imaginative and vivid sense for creating dramatic works. Struck by the fact that most of the characters she would portray as an ingenue in the standard operatic literature weren't necessarily people she wanted to relate to, nor were the types of stories conveyed on stage containing messages she wanted to perpetuate, Alize took to writing libretti. She is passionate about helping to shift the operatic artform toward are more equitable, socially responsible future - and one that she feels will more readily serve and connect with audiences of today. 

Phony (2019) // Music by David Matthew Brown


Synopsis: A couple sits down to dinner and discovers the ways in which their gross reliance and overuse of technology has destroyed their blossoming relationship -- or never allowed it to fully form in the first place. In this micro-opera for two voices and cameo, Phony explores the ways in which technology has harmed our ability to connect, as well as sustain a deeply meaningful, and truly human relationship with the person who should feel the closest to us. 

Performances:  Concert Performance with House Music Philadelphia, May 2019, presented as part of the ADDITICTION double-bill, staged world premiere with Alter Ego Chamber Opera, September 2019, with the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in the ADDICTION double-bill

Potentialite (2019) // Music by Roger A. Martinez

Synopsis: Mel, a 25-year-old physicist living alone in a high rise apartment building, is at the end of her wits, and seeks desperate measures to end her life. She encounters her doppelganger in an elevator, who draws upon her knowledge of the law of potential energy in order to save her life.  

Performances: ENA Ensemble, July 2019, presented as part of Serial Opera series, #5

The Coffee Cantata (2019) // Music by J.S. Bach

(Adaptation and re-orchestration)

About: In this modern adaptation, Alize transforms the primary character relationship entirely to that of a hip, urban couple fighting over coffee addiction and cafe expenditures, rather than a father and daughter. Linguistically, the libretto respects German vowel choices and stresses which Bach set musically, offering a playfully hilarious English-language setting which captures the spirit and nature of Bach's original work, while providing modern audiences a scenario with which they can more fully relate. The big question is: does she ditch coffee, or the man?

Performances: House Music Philadelphia, May 2019, presented as part of the ADDICTION double-bill, Alter Ego Chamber Opera, September 2019, presented as part of the OPERATIC ADDICTIONS double-bill at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. 

Pierrot Lunaire (2015) // Music by Arnold Schönberg


About: Alize utilizes the original German text which Schönberg set, by Otto Erich Hartleben, while paying tribute to original source poetry by Albert Giraud, to create a fantastical, visceral, modern English-language performance. 

Performances: Curtis Institute of Music with Duende Ensemble, with Alize as the vocalist, at the Kimmel Center Innovation Studio, December 2015, ENA Ensemble (selections), Philadelphia February 2019

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