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  In 2019, Alize and three friends founded Alter Ego Chamber Opera with the mission of bringing brand new and reimagined works to audiences "without the ego" that generally surrounds classical music culture. For Alize personally, the desire to create this group stemmed from the realization that most of the people her age didn't like to go to the opera, or further, hadn't ever attended, and when asked why they would simply respond: "I just don't know enough about it." Alize firmly believes that art should be able to speak for itself, without an explanation or synopsis, and that operatic theatre needs to be performed in the language of its attendees for that reason -- in order to feel immediately connective and impactful. She also believes that we are (and become) the stories we tell ourselves, and that art and media culture should do its part to tell stories which reflect values that are positive, or inspire change within our culture and society for the better. For our future and the future of the operatic artform, that means the portrayal of strong female characters, stories that ask important questions and cause significant audience reflection. The purpose of art and live performances is to tell a story, connect people to one another and to culture, and the only way it can do that is if people attend in greater quantities, feeling welcomed and empowered to do so. Thus, AECO was born. Alize now serves as Artistic Director, soprano, and resident librettist for the Philadelphia-based ensemble which endeavors to "serve as a catalyst for change, bringing intimate, experimental opera theatre to the region." To find more about Alter Ego Chamber Opera, please visit

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